Tenadre Mentees


One of the best way to navigate through the challenges of higher education and early career life is to be plugged into a functioning support system. This was the motivation for the formation of Tenadre Mentees (TM) in 2019 to provide guidance and mentorship to college students and young professionals. 

The mentorship program is constantly evolving based on initial conception ideas, informal research and feedback. 


Tenadre Mentees was set up to provide mentorship to college students especially undergraduate students and early career professionals who need that little push to realize their true potential. Since its inception, TM has proven to be beneficial to mentors and mentees alike leading to the development of next generation leaders. Vision: Through a network of mentors, TM is positioned to prepare mentees that sign up for the program to be ready to face the world that awaits them after leaving the university while deciding on a career. 


  1. To support students in transitioning into college life and provide them with resources needed for academic, social, and personal development.
  2. To support students in achieving significant progression towards earning their degree.
  3. To support students in acquiring both soft and hard skills needed in the 21st century workplace.
  4. To support students in developing relationships and building professional networks on and off campus.
  5. To support young professionals in making important career decisions.
  6. To provide mentors with leadership opportunities.
  7. To provide mentees with opportunities to give back to future students as mentors.